Under the Sea part 2

This week has been action packed as well as the weather improving!

We carried on our learning about under the sea and looked at Octopuses and seahorses. All the children created wonderful crafts of these animals which are displayed on the nursery boards.


In PE as well as practicing for sports day we also created some games for the children to practice their ball skills.


The children also created Pirate ships that are going to be used in small world play for next weeks Pirate theme.


We had lots of visitors to the nursery this week. Madeline (George’s mummy) came to read to us for story time.


Harry’s grandad also paid us a visit and taught all the children about scuba diving. The children got to try on some of the equipment you need, to go under the sea as well as having a breath through a really diving regulator. The children were mesmerised.




To finish off our two weeks of ‘Under the Sea’ we took a trip to the London Aquarium. It was amazing! The children got to touch a star fish, have lunch with the sharks, see the penguins being fed and see some wonderful colourful jellyfish. A big thanks goes to Madeline who helped us on this school trip.



Under the Sea

We start off our final summer term with two weeks of under the sea theme. The children love everything about the water so we thought we would spend some time covering this topic.

We decorated both areas of the nursery to bring the theme to life.

Mrs Ana first read the children ‘The Rainbow Fish’ book which introduced them to lots of the creatures that live in the sea. We then created wonderful rainbow fishes with celery sticks as paint brushes.

The children also learnt about starfish and crabs. Why crabs walk sideways and what starfish eat. They created some wonderful craft work below.



The children also learnt about the ocean and how important it is to preserve it. They created a wonderful ocean picture with all their favourite sea creatures.


As it was raining on PE day we had an indoor session learning to walk like a crab sideways!

In forest school we made our own natural paint brushes from materials we found in the woods and created our own piece of art work based on this weeks theme.

Next week we will have a visit from Harry’s grandad to talk to us about scuba diving and we will be doing a trip to the aquarium.

Charity Week

For the last week of term we also spent two days doing charity events to help raise money for Action Medical Research. Action, funds medical research that beats the diseases that devastate the lives of so many children today. They funded the first Polio vaccines in the UK, ultrasound in pregnancy and the rubella vaccine, all things we take for granted in our world today.

The children and their parents completed some wonderful baking at home for our cake sale. Each of the children got to man the stand during the day, calling people to the stall, handling the money and telling the public about the cakes they had made.

The children raised an amazing £110, well done!


The children also made biscuits for our teddy bears walk and tea party. We would have these biscuits as a treat on our very long charity walk the next day.


In Forest School we under took a charity walk with our bears to raise more money for Action. The children walked a long way with their bears but had a fantastic time and had a teddy bear’s picnic at the end of it.

We raised an amazing £260.00. If you haven’t yet sponsored your child please make a donation here.

Thank you to all the parents for the wonderful support you have given the children in raising money for our chosen charity this year.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The last week of term and continuing on from our spring themes we looked into Eric Carle’s wonderful book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. For a lot of our lower preschool children this seems to be one of their favourite books as well as Freya having caterpillar’s at home, we thought this would be a brilliant theme to bring to life.

The children created some wonderful craft work. They learnt about the life cycle of a caterpillar, they created a selection of wonderful caterpillar paintings, their own version of a butterfly as well as a wonderful butterfly picture made from butterfly pasta.




The children also found a caterpillar out at Forest school. This really brought home how much they had taken in on this weeks theme as it was the children that found the caterpillar not us!


Freya’s Nanny, Anne, came in for story time and read two wonderful books to the children which they loved. She was also very kind and lent us the caterpillars for the day so all the children could have a good look at what caterpillars looked like in really life.


In PE we are getting ready for sports day and practising lots of our running, jumping and balancing skills. It’s so nice to have some wonderful weather.


Lots of fun was also had this week as that’s what nursery is all about.

Mini beasts

Spring time is when all the mini beasts either come out of their hibernation or start to create new life.


The theme was brought to life by a visit from Zoolab. Richard, the zoo keeper, showed the children a spider, snake, giant snail, beetle, iguana and a scorpion. The children were allowed to touch the snake, snail, beetle and iguana which they loved. Rosie the spider and the glow in the dark scorpion had to stay in their boxes!



A few of the children’s brother and sisters also came along to share the experience.

At craft time this week the children made some wonderful ladybirds, bees, snails and spiders that climbed up their spouts! This all brought the mini beast theme to life.



We also had a birthday celebration this week as well as having afternoon snack time outside as the summer is coming, or so we thought!



Pond Animals

A big part of growth in spring happens in our ponds. Since we have so many on our doorstep we decided to look at what happens in them over Spring.

The children had fun learning about the frog cycle. How Frog spawn hatches into tadpoles, tadpoles grow feet and are called froglets, then they lose their gills and are fully grown frogs. The children created some wonderful frogs as well as looking at lots of pictures from the frog cycle.


Ducks and their ducklings are also another common sight on the pond in Spring so the children created their very own duckling with feathers. Along with salt dough water boat men that they moulded, painted and stuck spaghetti in to make their very long legs.

The upper preschool were doing some wonderful number work this week with cards and pegs. The also learnt the digraph ‘oa’ for boat and made a wonderful boat each.


The lower preschool were working on big and small concepts and created some wonderful pictures of a small mouse and a big elephant. They also had a wonderful time with Mrs Howida sorting the counting bears into big and small piles.

On an afternoon session we visited the playground to practise some climbing skills.

For Forest school we brought our fishing nets with us and caught some pond animals to look at. This was to in still the learning we had done in the classroom into a practical environment. We didn’t manage to take any photo’s as we were just making sure no one would disappear into the pond.


This term we are looking at themes that happen around Spring. To kick it off we covered the season of Spring.

We looked at lots of fruit and vegetables that have seeds and how Spring is an important time for planting the fruit and vegetables we want for the summer.


We also learnt about all the flowers that come out in flower in Spring. We looked at daffodils, bluebells, tulips and cherry blossom trees. Consequently, the children created some wonderful daffodils and beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Mrs Harshpreet showed the children how to plant seeds and everyone has had a go at planting cress seeds. These will come home in a few weeks. We want the children to learn how to look after their plants and hopefully they will be rewarded by them growing, fingers crossed!


The lower preschool were learning about the letter ‘L’ this week and created a fantastic laundry line picture. They also did some fishing for numbers to practice numbers 1-5.

The upper preschool have been learning about the concepts tall and short. Creating wonderful straw towers in dough with different lengths of straws. They have also learnt the digraph ‘ai’ for train and created some wonderful name trains.


We had a wonderful time in the forest leaf painting, but we were so busy we forgot to take photos! Looking forward to Pond Animals next week.