A Good Nights Sleep!

Eilish from The Baby Care Company, based off Northcote Road SW11 gives us her 5 top tips on sleep.
Many new parents I speak to wished they’d thought about newborn sleep and encouraging good sleeping habits when they were pregnant. Whilst you can manage a few weeks with disturbed sleep, as time goes on, sleep deprivation can be one of the hardest things to cope with.
Here are 5 top tips about sleep, and whilst this list is by no means exhaustive, it will hopefully help you start to think about how to encourage good sleeping habits.
1.One of the key things to learn is how to teach your child to fall asleep by themselves. This is so that when they go to bed they can just drop off to sleep, and like us if they wake in the middle of the night, and are old enough not to need milk, they can just go back to sleep again without our help. With babies, this is about putting your baby to sleep when they are drowsy and not sound asleep, and avoiding relying on feeding, rocking or pushing them in the buggy to go to sleep.
2.If a baby becomes over-tired it can be very difficult to settle to sleep. Regular naps in the daytime can help to promote better night time sleep, and if you’re baby hasn’t slept all day, don’t think that’ll mean it’ll sleep all night. Instead, it may be so over-tired that it finds it very hard to sleep. It’s important to try to look out for the cues your baby is giving you that it’s tired  – eg rubbing his eyes, 1000 mile stare, twisting head from side to side, yawning etc.
3.Sleeping your baby in the dark can help prevent your baby waking up earlier when it comes into a light sleep. I’d recommend sleeping your baby in the dark even in the daytime if you’re at home.
4. Make sure you put your baby to sleep when it’s had a proper feed to enable it to sleep for longer.
5. Don’t let your baby sleep too much in the day at the expense of regular feeding as otherwise your baby may need to make up for it in the night.
Eilish Saba founded and runs The Baby Care Company www.thebabycarecompany.co.uk in SW London. She gives classes to 1st and 2nd time parents-to-be on all the practical details and facts they need to know when having a baby or when getting ready for life with 2. She also runs classes on sleep and routines for new mums.
For more information on these classes, please contact her on info@thebabycarecompany.co.uk, 020 7228 1041 or visit www.thebabycarecompany.co.uk