Booty Barre Express

If you want a high energy, quick work out, then this is the class for you. I was truly exhausted by the end of the 40 minute class and my legs felt like jelly!

I am sure if I keep it up my legs, bum and tummy will be toned by the high energy ballet workout you do in class. I loved the dance music that the exercises were co-ordinated too, it kept you going and you felt full of energy afterward.

Here is a few photo’s of me doing some of the moves and if you want to join in then call The Babydrop to book you creche space and Eliza for the Booty Barre space.



I will be doing the class every Thursday so come and join in and get fit.



Every Thursday from 1:15pm. Drop at ‘The Babydrop’ at 1pm

Class £15 and creche £10 – 02077380019 – 07779271655 

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