The Vikings

This week the children have been learning all about The Vikings.

The Vikings were warriors. They learnt about all the raids that took place and the wonderful boats they made to get across the sea to the UK.

The children created some wonderful Viking helmets, shields and boats. We were also very lucky that George’s granny came in for story time and brought with her some Viking coins and artefacts she had found in the fields of Devon, along with a Bronze Age Axe. Thank you very much Julie, the children haven’t stopped talking about it.

We were also very lucky as Rebecca, Rachel’s mummy also came in for afternoon story time. The children love having visitors for story time so if you, daddy, granny, grandad, uncle, auntie ever want to come in please sign up on the parent notice board.

This week the lower preschool were building on their shape and colour recognition with a couple of fantastic activities Mrs Howida had created.

The upper preschool have been working on number sequencing and mark making in an array of different activities created by Mrs Ana.

In physical development this week, we have had another wonderful session with our yoga instructor, Vanessa, teaching them lots of different animal poses. We also had a trip to the playground in the afternoon session.

In Forest school our learning this term is all about climbing. We found some wonderful low logs that they could all climb over themselves, learning new climbing skills. They also collected lots of different natural stones and rock that they could paint and make marks with.

The Romans

This week the children have been learning all about The Romans.

How they came to the UK 2000 years ago and changed our country. Even today evidence of the Romans can still be seen in buildings, roads, forts and baths, which we discussed with the children. They all want to go to a Roman swimming pool!

Below are some of the wonderful Roman crafts they have made this week which included shields and Roman warrior bracelets.

On Thursday the children had a brilliant baking class by making a traditional Roman tart with pastry, ricotta cheese and honey.

Jeremie’s Mummy also came in on Thursday for story time to read us one of Jeremie’s books he was given when moving to London “Maisy Goes to London”. It highlighted all the sights in London and we discussed if any of the children had been to them. They showed particular interest in the aquarium!


This week in literacy the upper preschool children learnt the letter ‘O’. Going through our Jolly phonics song and decorating the letter ‘O’ with Cheerios that are shaped as the letter ‘O’. The lower preschool children practiced their pencil skills on the chalk board and their colours and counting with the counting bears.

Next week it’s Vikings so any wonderful books or items you have at home that could help us with the children learning would be much appreciated.

We are also introducing hummus and bread sticks twice a week instead of a biscuit after fruit at snack time. Healthy and nutritious, fingers crossed they all like it…

Stone Age to Iron Age

This half term we will be exploring English History through the ages and how it has shaped our world today.

The first full week back after Christmas holidays the children have been learning about the period of history from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. The children learnt how we descended from Apes, which they thought was extremely funny!

We learnt how the discovery of making tools with stones and using materials to build homes changed the way the first humans could live and eat.

The children made spears and shields, which gave humans an effective way to protect themselves from other animals and gave them other sources of food. The children used lots of different materials to personalise their own shields.


They created beautiful stone age necklaces using cotton wool balls and lots of grey paint!

As well as creating wonderful mirrors from the Iron Age period. We created houses using tables and blankets and set up an indoor camp fire with natural resources were the children sat around and discussed what they had learnt.

The lower preschool were also learning colours and shapes this week, which Mrs Howida was extremely impressed with their knowledge and learning.

The Upper preschool have been learning the Letter G in phonics as well as counting to ten using cotton wool balls.


We created a rainbow spaghetti shop to install number learning which they absolutely loved, and it soon became an ice cream shop!

This term in P.E. we are now doing yoga, the children had a wonderful session learning lots of different moves through a trip to the jungle.

Finally we had snow on our walk to Forest School this week, which the children always love. We pretended we were Stone Age humans and collected sticks and stones to bring back to camp to help us make our tools. As it was so cold by the time we got back to nursery Mrs Charlotte made everyone a hot chocolate to warm ourselves up.