This term we are looking at themes that happen around Spring. To kick it off we covered the season of Spring.

We looked at lots of fruit and vegetables that have seeds and how Spring is an important time for planting the fruit and vegetables we want for the summer.


We also learnt about all the flowers that come out in flower in Spring. We looked at daffodils, bluebells, tulips and cherry blossom trees. Consequently, the children created some wonderful daffodils and beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Mrs Harshpreet showed the children how to plant seeds and everyone has had a go at planting cress seeds. These will come home in a few weeks. We want the children to learn how to look after their plants and hopefully they will be rewarded by them growing, fingers crossed!


The lower preschool were learning about the letter ‘L’ this week and created a fantastic laundry line picture. They also did some fishing for numbers to practice numbers 1-5.

The upper preschool have been learning about the concepts tall and short. Creating wonderful straw towers in dough with different lengths of straws. They have also learnt the digraph ‘ai’ for train and created some wonderful name trains.


We had a wonderful time in the forest leaf painting, but we were so busy we forgot to take photos! Looking forward to Pond Animals next week.

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