Pond Animals

A big part of growth in spring happens in our ponds. Since we have so many on our doorstep we decided to look at what happens in them over Spring.

The children had fun learning about the frog cycle. How Frog spawn hatches into tadpoles, tadpoles grow feet and are called froglets, then they lose their gills and are fully grown frogs. The children created some wonderful frogs as well as looking at lots of pictures from the frog cycle.


Ducks and their ducklings are also another common sight on the pond in Spring so the children created their very own duckling with feathers. Along with salt dough water boat men that they moulded, painted and stuck spaghetti in to make their very long legs.

The upper preschool were doing some wonderful number work this week with cards and pegs. The also learnt the digraph ‘oa’ for boat and made a wonderful boat each.


The lower preschool were working on big and small concepts and created some wonderful pictures of a small mouse and a big elephant. They also had a wonderful time with Mrs Howida sorting the counting bears into big and small piles.

On an afternoon session we visited the playground to practise some climbing skills.

For Forest school we brought our fishing nets with us and caught some pond animals to look at. This was to in still the learning we had done in the classroom into a practical environment. We didn’t manage to take any photo’s as we were just making sure no one would disappear into the pond.

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