Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. Lots of wonderful coloured leaves on and off the trees. The children were eagerly collecting conkers and looking forward to Halloween and Bonfire night to finish the season.


The children created their own Autumn tree, along with some wonderful acorns.


They all enjoyed matching the coloured leaves on the paper to the real leaves provided. They also created scarecrows to keep the birds away from the Autumn harvest. They had a wonderful time apple printing as well as painting lots of sticks for our Autumn tree.

The lower and upper preschool were learning about the number four. In literacy the lower preschool were learning the letter ‘d’ for duck and the upper preschool were learning the letter ‘i’ for igloo.

Felix’s mum came in to read to the children in the afternoon, bring with her two of Felix’s favourite books, such a treat.


To finish the week off at Forest school the children created some wonderful Autumn faces.


Since lots of the children love dinosaurs we decided to cover this theme for two weeks. This allowed time to reinforce the learning and the children took the lead on activities we planned.

The first week we spoke a lot about the different types of dinosaurs. The three favourites were T-Rex, Stegosaurus and the Triceratops. The children used a selection of different dinosaurs to see what footprints they would create as well as making their own dinosaurs.


We also created some dinosaur feet for the children to wear and make dinosaur foot prints for themselves. This soon turned into everyone painting their own feet and creating footprints on the paper!


We also learnt all about baby dinosaurs and the eggs from which they hatched. They created their own large eggs using papier mâché and balloons.

In PE we practiced a series of obstacle courses, learning how to run and jump over cones.

In the second week the dinosaurs were frozen one morning and the children had to try to break them out of the ice using a selection of different tools. This led to lots of conversation about living in the North Pole!


In Forest School we made dinosaur faces in the mud. Lots of mud and water created muddy puddles to jump in! The children also found a worm which they put in a cup and showed all their friends.

To finish off the two weeks of learning we took the children to the Natural History Museum. This really brought to life the theme of dinosaurs. We got to see lots of the children’s favourite dinosaurs as well as their babies hatching from the eggs. The children each had a clipboard to spot all 12 types of dinosaurs we had covered and they loved looking for them.

Nursery is all about getting messy and creating play which allows the children to use their imagination. The picture below really captures this as the children said they were making dinosaur soup to feed to all their friends at nursery!


Health & Safety

The Health & Safety theme covered the emergency services and safety precautions related to their travels to school. This was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

We covered a wide range of safety measures from learning about how to call ‘999’, which emergency service we ask for and how to describe the problem. The children made their own telephones and practiced speaking their home addresses just incase an emergency happens at home. We also practiced a fire drill so the children know what to do in a fire and we showed them the fire safety equipment we have around the nursery.


The children learnt about traffic lights; how to use them and what the colours stand for. They also made their own lollypop sticks and created some role play where they all took it in turns to be the lollypop lady/man. We reinforced the road safety learning out on our trips to the park this week.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays PE sessions the children practiced their ball skills which included kicking the ball around the cones. They also practiced their distance kicking skills.

On Thursday we cooked some wonderful cakes which the children always love doing.


On Friday at Forest school we wandered around the Forest learning about the plants we should and should not pick. The children then created their very own Autumn tree college.



All About Me

On our first week of term it was lovely to see so many new faces in our nursery as well as the old ones!

This week we covered the topic ‘All About Me’. This allowed our teachers to learn lots about our children and to see how much the children knew about themselves!

The children created a large drawing of themselves and worked together to put the correct body parts in the right places! They had lots of activities that involved hand painting as well as decorating the first letter of their name. They even had puzzles of their faces which they had to solve!



We also just had lots of fun playing and getting to know our new friends!


Our first Forest School outing was a great success. All the children made their own stick men to support the learning about ourselves we had done in the week. They also found lots of muddy puddles for jumping in!