For two weeks we have covered fairytale stories, as these stories cements most people’s childhood memories. The children love stories so there was eager anticipation each day to what crafts we would be making!


The children created Cinderella’s lost shoe as well as her golden carriage. Princes and Princesses crowns, wands, the three little pigs houses, little red riding hoods basket of treats and goldilocks porridge.


The lower preschool were learning about the number 2, squares and the colour green as well as practising their pencil skills.

The upper preschool were learning the letter K for key. In numeracy they were learning to recognise the numbers 1-10 and put them in the correct order.


We went to the playground one afternoon and this week in forest school we practiced tree climbing!

You couldn’t replicate the fun we have out in forest school in the classroom and I think the below picture explains why!



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