The children wanted to learn more about the wonderful city we live in and I have never seen them more enthusiastic about a topic. Everyday the tuff tray transformed into a different scene of London, whether it was the London underground, Heathrow Terminal 5 or the London eye the children where so engaged and shared their experiences of going to these places.

The children created some wonderful crafts of black cabs, red buses and Tower bridge.

In drama class they role played having tea with the Queen. The children had a go at different acting parts; the Queen, butlers and princesses were all roles that the children played.


The upper preschool learnt the letter ‘O’ for Ocean and created a wonderful ocean picture with an octopus in.


In the lower preschool they learnt the letter ‘N’ for nest and made some beautiful pictures of birds nest. They also practiced the shapes.

In Forest school we made some wonderful magic wands which were an excellent way to explain to the children about wind direction, luckily it was a very windy day!

The Zoo

Welcome back.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas break, we look forward to hearing all the stories from the children of their wonderful holidays.

On the first day back we celebrated Jonny’s birthday, with lots of yummy cakes.


For our first week we thought we would cover the theme the ‘Zoo’.  All the children love the book “Dear Zoo” and lots of the children have also visited the zoo.

The children made some wonderful crafts and pictures of animals you might find in the Zoo. We looked at giraffe’s, tigers and monkeys. We also introduced puppets into our music time and learnt the song ‘five cheeky monkeys teasing mr crocodile’. This was a great hit and got the children that were normally quite shy to sing along too.

In cookery lessons we made very healthy banana and oat biscuits.

Our first yoga lesson started this week and the children really enjoyed doing lots of different animal moves to music.

We have introduced more science and technology activities this term and for three weeks we will be learning about robots! The children learnt how to operate our new robot, ‘Bee-Bot’ which brought a lot of excitement to the nursery. The children all had a go at using and programming the robot themselves. Hopefully by the end of the three weeks they will make their own Robot.

The upper preschool learnt the letter ‘g’ for goat and created some wonderful pictures.

As always we had lots of fun at Forest School.


Christmas & Germany

German markets are a big destination at Christmas. With one of our children being half German as well we thought we would cover both Germany and Christmas before the Christmas holidays!

The children learnt the German flag, which they had great fun painting. We also covered German food and cooked German sausages in our cookery lessons. As you can imagine they went down a storm!

The children made some wonderful Christmas crafts and to finish off the week we had our annual Christmas party. Thank you to all the parents for providing the food.

Christmas Nativity Play

We have spent all term rehearsing and singing to get ready for our Christmas Nativity and this year the children did an excellent job.

They all looked wonderful in their costumes, thank you to all parents for providing them.

The children said their most favourite part was singing Jingle bells and eating biscuits with their friends afterwards!!


We love covering different parts of the World and the children have loved talking about snow and animals that live in the snow as the weather has changed this week. The Artic was a perfect topic that combined all of these things and Father Christmas lives their too!

The children made wonderful stencil pictures, had lots of ice on the sensory tuff tray and made beautiful pictures of snowmen in the snow!

Max’s dad came in to read, which was a pleasure and the upper preschool children played eye spy with word cards.

We ended the week with a very cold Forest school out by the railway line!



The Gruffalo is such a popular book with the children, that we decided to explore the book some more for this weeks theme. The children had a go at making the Mouse, the Fox, the Owl, the snake and they all worked together to make a huge Gruffalo! It had orange eyes, a poisonous wart at the end of his nose and purple prickles all over his back.

The lower preschool were learning their shapes this week along with the the letter ‘i’ for iguana.

The upper preschool have been practicing CVC words and learning how to blend individual sounds of letters to make words.


Archie’s dad came in and read to the children. This is always such a treat for the children.

In Forest School we have been building a den for a few weeks now, so we were finishing off our building projects which always means carrying a lot of logs!


As always we had lots of fun just playing!