The Zoo

Welcome back.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas break, we look forward to hearing all the stories from the children of their wonderful holidays.

On the first day back we celebrated Jonny’s birthday, with lots of yummy cakes.


For our first week we thought we would cover the theme the ‘Zoo’.  All the children love the book “Dear Zoo” and lots of the children have also visited the zoo.

The children made some wonderful crafts and pictures of animals you might find in the Zoo. We looked at giraffe’s, tigers and monkeys. We also introduced puppets into our music time and learnt the song ‘five cheeky monkeys teasing mr crocodile’. This was a great hit and got the children that were normally quite shy to sing along too.

In cookery lessons we made very healthy banana and oat biscuits.

Our first yoga lesson started this week and the children really enjoyed doing lots of different animal moves to music.

We have introduced more science and technology activities this term and for three weeks we will be learning about robots! The children learnt how to operate our new robot, ‘Bee-Bot’ which brought a lot of excitement to the nursery. The children all had a go at using and programming the robot themselves. Hopefully by the end of the three weeks they will make their own Robot.

The upper preschool learnt the letter ‘g’ for goat and created some wonderful pictures.

As always we had lots of fun at Forest School.



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