Tate Britain

To finish our topic on British Artist’s we took a trip to Tate Britain to see many of the artists we had worked on and their most famous works of art.

The children couldn’t believe how big the sculptures were which Henry Moore had created as we had tried to recreate these at the nursery.

As soon as we entered the William Turner collection the children recognised his work! Mrs Charlotte explained to the children what we could see in his work and where it was painted.


We then all got inspired to create our own drawings or we tried to recreate some of William Turner’s work, it was so lovely to see all the children immersed in art for the day.


We finished the day with a trip to see a moving piece of art, which some of the children were a little bit wary of!

Mrs Charlotte also took the children to see her favourite picture in Tate Britain by the artist John Sargent; Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose


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