Great Learning Apps

Here are five apps that we really like for our babies/toddlers and that will keep them entertained through learning when you need that second pair of hands. We will be reviewing baby help apps next week that can help you get through those first couple of months with great feed and sleep plans etc. If you have any apps you want to put forward email us


Little Reader
Price: Free – £1.99

This app and website with teaching material is one of the best for teaching babies & toddlers. The lesson library has lots of free games, as well as ones you can download for £0.99 for phonics and numbers when your children get to pre-school age.

The games have the words, pictures and videos for fun learning and to install the way our brain works by remembering after seeing/hearing things 3 times.

Baby Touch
Price: £1.99

Ladybird is best know for it’s books and learning material for children aged 0-11 years but they have developed 3 award winning apps for children under the aged of 2 years.

This is the first app in the series for 0-6 months, it’s a bright an interactive peekaboo game to teach babies how to use the ipad/iphone and introduce sounds and words to them. This entertained my baby on many long car/plane journeys and as there are 4 different games in the app they will never get bored.

My Very First App
Price: £1.49

This fun educational app has three matching games based on Eric Carle’s classic best-selling My Very First Books including the Very Hungry Catapillar. It has 3 levels of games depending on the age of your child, which means the app grows with them. The pictures are true to Eric Carles illistrations, it teaches first words through voice and pictures as well as matching games for the older pre-schooler. A great app for when you have a toddler and a baby!

Monkey Lunch Box
Price: £0.69

This app has a selection of six exciting pre-school games to teach them about colours, shapes, matching, counting and differences.

The monkey takes your toddler through each of the games and becomes the fun teacher without them even knowing.  The colours and graphics are wonderful and this is part of a much large collection of apps that will take your children through their primary years.