Tate Britain

To finish our topic on British Artist’s we took a trip to Tate Britain to see many of the artists we had worked on and their most famous works of art.

The children couldn’t believe how big the sculptures were which Henry Moore had created as we had tried to recreate these at the nursery.

As soon as we entered the William Turner collection the children recognised his work! Mrs Charlotte explained to the children what we could see in his work and where it was painted.


We then all got inspired to create our own drawings or we tried to recreate some of William Turner’s work, it was so lovely to see all the children immersed in art for the day.


We finished the day with a trip to see a moving piece of art, which some of the children were a little bit wary of!

Mrs Charlotte also took the children to see her favourite picture in Tate Britain by the artist John Sargent; Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose


On The Farm

It’s that time of year where new life is arriving on the farm. We thought we would immerse the children in learning all about what happens on a farm.

We learnt that not only farmers look after animals but they also grow a lot of the food we eat every day. Lots of the children knew farmers grew corn and some even knew their Weetabix were made from cereals grown by the farmers.

The children were fascinated to learn that the baby offspring of animals might have a different name, for example, a Goats baby is called a kid!

In PE we have been practising our hand-eye coordination skills with a selection of games. Throwing and catching bean bags with our partners was a great success.

In Forest School on Wednesday afternoon, we took a trip to the pond in search of baby ducklings and had a wonderful picnic in the park.

We also celebrated a birthday this week out on a picnic!


To Finish the week we took a trip to Vauxhall City Farm, to bring the theme alive. We had a wonderful time. The children got to feed a selection of farm animals as well as have an interactive session with the animal keepers. Stroking ‘Popcorn’ the rabbit was a huge success.


Tracey Emin

This week we introduced the children to Tracey Emin, the English contemporary artist best known for Neon and fabric art.

The children had so much fun creating their own neon pictures, decorating wooden letters that were in their name as well as creating their own t-shirts.


We used paint, this week in lots of wonderful ways. The children made their own height charts as well as learning the shapes. We love art!

In Forest School, we all worked together to build a bridge to cross a muddy puddle. Let’s say we spent more time in the mud than out of it!